Differentation of Stem Cell To Hepatic Lineage

item 1By culturing human embryonic stem cells as spheroids for differentiation to hepatic lineage, many liver functions are enhanced. The hepatocyte-like cells also have better morphological and structural characteristics of liver cells. They also have polarized structure as shown by polarized accumulation of fluorescent dye.

Subramanian, Owen, Raju et al. (2014) Stem Cell Develop., 23, 124

Hyperproductivity Gene Set for CHO Cells

item 2In this collaboration with researchers at Merck, the transcriptome dynamics in the course of cell line development, from host cell though steps of selection, amplification, clone isolation and fedbatch culture, was compared. Surprisingly, the product transcript levels were already high even before amplification. The data prompted us to propose the concept of “hyperproductivity gene set” for cell line screening in the post-genomic era.

Vishwanathan, Le, Jacob, Tsao, et al. (2014) Biotechnol. Bioeng. 111, 518